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The BioDecipher® Lab Manager

The BioDecipher® Lab Manager application enables the design and planning of experiments to be performed on the BioDecipher® Device.

On the Lab Manager you can:

  • select the markers to be used in the experiment,
  • configure the process parameters,
  • configure the preprocessing parameters and
  • generate the plan to be executed at the BioDecipher® Device.

The Incubation Module Page

The Lab Manager includes databases and tools to manage:

  • device configurations,
  • biological samples and tissues,
  • slides prepared from collected samples,
  • biomarkers (antibodies, additives, etc.) to be used in the experiments,
  • usage profiles for different sequential techniques of multiplex bio imaging and
  • projects, experiments and templates.

Installation Modes

We offer two different modes of data storing:

1. The application can be used as a server-based installation. In this case the application will be connected to an OMERO server ( of your choice.

  • This configuration is recommended when multiple BioDecipher® Devices are in use.
  • We support you in installing your own server or connecting to an existing one.

2. The application can also be used as a local installation. In this case all data are stored on a local drive.

  • This configuration is recommended when only a single BioDecipher® Device is in use.