Our passion is to decipher the language of life

The BioDecipher® Translator

The BioDecipher Translator is an aggregation of tools, algorithms and interfaces provided to prepare, analyze and visualize the data generated by our device.

The great variety of possible scientific questions and experimental projects requires a very flexible approach to processing and analyzing the generated data. For this reason, we offer extensive support in creating the optimal analysis route for your experiments.

We offer support and tools for:

  • cell based parameter extraction,
  • cytometry-based analysis combined with image visualization (histo-cytometry),
  • multi-parametric statistics and analysis,
  • classification, pattern recognition and feature extraction by application of machine learning algorithms, e.g. deep neuronal networks or random forests.

If you want to develop and use your own algorithms and tools, interfaces to the raw data are available in Python and Matlab (other programming languages on request).

We chose the term "Translator" in a metaphoric sense because all the tools we have put together are intended to help extract and compress the information contained in the raw data and thus lead to a deeper understanding of biological relationships. We translate the biological function hidden in the data into a compressed language accessible to us.